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We want to come to Ninja U for the first time. What do we need to know?

We are so excited to have you! We suggest filling out your waivers ahead of time by going to our website (Both people participating & not participating (just spectating) will need waivers filled out.) Please wear clean, dry athletic shoes. No sandals, boots, or just socks will be allowed.

Do you have anything my 2 or 3 year old can do?

Absolutely! Because we are dads ourselves, we wanted our whole gym to have a family-friendly vibe, no matter the age! There is a Little Ninjas play area, but kids under 5 are not limited to that space. They can also explore the rest of the gym, try their hand at rock climbing, play in the dodgeball pit, race a parent up the Everest hill, and even try the warped walls. When playing outside of the Little Ninjas area, however, we do ask that a parent or guardian stays with them on the gym floor.

How does Open Training work?

“Open Training” to us is just coming to the gym! All of our hours we are open are available for open training, so 1-7pm Monday through Friday, 10-7pm Saturdays, and 1-7pm on Sundays (unless we have a private party rent the space).

How much time do we get?

You may stay as long as you’d like! Most kids are tired though after about 90 minutes.

Do I need to stay with my kids or can I drop them off?

For Opening Training, kids need to be 14 to be left at the gym without an adult present. For classes, you may drop them off & pick them up (except the Little Ninjas class as we ask you be there to assist with bathrooming and redirection!)

When is a good time to come in when it isn’t too busy?

The quietest times at the gym are weekdays before 4pm and weekends after 4pm!

Has anyone ever done the 14 ½ ft warped wall?

Yep! Quite a few can, but usually not on their first try.

Do we need to fill out a waiver? Or do we need to fill out a waiver again?

Yes, everyone needs a waiver, even if not participating. We like for parents to fill out waivers just so they can be out on the gym floor with their kids to watch, cheer, help, and capture the moment on camera! If you have been to Ninja U before and have already done a waiver, the staff will verify that your waiver is in our system and you will not need to do it again!

I am interested in bringing a group (youth group, sports team, organization, etc). How much does that cost?

Cost varies based on estimated size of your group & time of day. Email us [email protected] and we’ll respond with a cost!


When does the next class session start?

We actually do not do sessions! Our class enrollments carry over each month, so unless someone in a class decides to drop, we don’t often have a bunch of new spots open all at once. Occasionally, we will add a new section of a class if we see a lot of interest and have a place where we can add a class. If you are on a waitlist for this type of class, you will get an email about the new class date and time.

Do I need to sign up again for class next month?

No! We try to make everything easy and maintenance free for parents! Your student’s class enrollment rolls over each month. Tuition is billed to your saved payment method each month on the 1st of the month.

My child is going to miss a class. Do you offer make ups?

Because we feel having a small, consistent class size is important for both the students & coaches to feel successful, we do not offer make ups so as not to increase class sizes of other classes. Missed classes will not result in make-up classes, prorated tuition or refunds.


I don’t know how many guests will come to my child’s birthday party. What should I put in for a number when I book it?

Your party package includes 11 ninjaing kids total (your birthday child and 10 guests). We understand it is hard to know how many kids will come. We suggest just putting 11 down as your number when you book the party. If you end up having more guests than that, you can pay for any extras after your party for $10 each. Adults, helpers, grandparents, etc do not need to be in the count unless they plan to ninja along with the kids.

We have 10 kids coming, but will also have many parents & relatives staying for the party. Do I need to include them in the count?

No need to include adults in the count unless they plan to try to obstacles. It is helpful to know if you would like an extra table set up upstairs for groups totalling more than 20 and needing seating for everyone.


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ninja gym cedar falls



ninja gym cedar falls